Democracy: A Tool To Further Geopolitical Interests


10/25/20222 min read

If we look at history of Diplomatic Ties and Geopolitical Influences over the time.

You can easily find some specific countries, who have habit of Interefering into internal

matters of Developing countries in name of Democracy. We can all agree that Democracy

is indeed effective system.

But, For Some countries it serves to further their National Interests only.

If you closely look at their actions, you will notice that they have military alliances with

Undemocratic Countries but they will countinue to lecture other countries on Democracy.

And sometimes they engineer regime changes as well in name of Democracy.

So, if there are countries that do not suit their National Interest, They are bound to interfere in internal matters of those countries regardless of if they are democratic nation or not. So, let’s discuss current incidents that prove my points.

USA And India

Recently, some interesting things have happened in both USA and India. In both the countries Prominant Elections are coming. Now, in USA the main opposition leader “Donald Trump” has been “Indicted”. And In India main opposition leader “Rahul Gandhi” has been convicted. In both the cases, Judiciary is doing its work. But, in India once convicted for 2 years you lose your MP seat. But, In USA you can run for Presidential Elections, even if you are convicted.

So, As a result of getting convicted for 2 years by the court, “Rahul Gandhi” has been Disqualified as a Member of Parliament. He has been convicted for defaming “Whole” “ Modi Community”, but Wikipedia tells you that he has been convicted for defaming “Narendra Modi”. So, probably writers of Wikipedia were not even bothered to read court’s reasons for Convicting him. Obviously, they will not be, because they probably belong to the same Ecosystem.

Dual Definition Of Democracy

As, opposition leader of World’s Largest Democracy got convicted by court. Some special countries who think they are the progenitor of Democracy, started to comment and condemn Indian Democracy. Even if they know that Judiciary is a part of Democratic System and no one should be above it, but they want in India’s case to make opposition leader above the judiciary.

They suddenly get “concerned” about world’s largest Democracy. But, they have nothing to say for USA, as in the case of “Donald Trump

German Goverment questions Indian Judiciary, as is clear from their statement, you can search it to read. And USA says Watching It Closely. And you can easily predict which countries are to make such remarks. I get surprised to see the inefficiency of Security Forces of USA, UK, Australia, and Canada in matters of Security of the Indian Embassy there. Even their Intelligence department surrendered probably.


Nowadays, If you watch closely you can easily predict which countries are using Democracy as a tool for furthering their Geopolitical Interests. And if you have watched it closely, you will not get surprised by their actions and remarks. We can conclude that Definitions of Democracy changes according to the Geopolitical Interests of various countries. Sometimes Democracy becomes shield and sometimes sword. And some countries have mastered this tool named “Democracy”, so one should not surprised if that tool is used.


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