Why Multilateral Institutions Has Now Become Waste Of Time


10/25/20222 min read

As we explore this article, There are various conferences, meetings

going on around the Globe for Globalization. When I say Globalization

it not only means about economic cooperation but security as well. And

Different multilateral institutions which formed after World War II is now

providing platform for all the countries to discuss and resolve issues

related to Globalization.

But, nowadays it looks no different than news channel debates that do

not solve anything, only serves to spread their individual propaganda and interests.

In this article we will try to convince you that why these multilateral institutions have

failed and has now become waste of time, like news channel debates.

The Purpose Of Multilateral Institutions

Multilateral Institutions that formed after World War II were supposed to prevent Wars by acknowledging the perspectives of both the sides. And then promoting peace by suggesting solutions that suits the national interests of both the parties involved. And, The other motive was Globalization, on which they have done significant developments.

When I say multilateral Institutions, I mean group of countries having different perspectives and interests, I will call it an alliance if the group members have the same perspectives and interests. For example: United Nations, G-20, etc are multilateral institutions whereas NATO, European Union, G-7, etc are alliances.

Why Multilateral Institutions Failed

If we take example of United Nations Security Council which is governing body of United Nations, as clear from the fact that UNSC appoints Secretary-General, Judges of International court of Justice, etc. The institution was formed after World War II, but if we obverse its functioning, it is quite undemocratic, as it gives veto powers to the winners of World War II in UNSC.

Except one permanet seat of UNSC, which was reserved for one of the British Colonies,

all four are the winners of World War II. Which reflects the motive of United Nations which has now become the Extension of United States and its allies, I am saying this as it is not coincidence that the decisions of United Nations never go against them. And I am judging it by actions not words.

We also cannot say that the United States and its allies have always done things democratically. As it is clear in matters of India, they tried to do everything they could to stop India from having Independent Foreign Policy. Be that the issue of Kashmir, 1971 war, Nuclear Program Of India, Space Program Of India, etc.

Despite the fact that India never threatened the sovereignty and integrity of United States and its allies, they tried to disrupt India by militarizing Temporary Nation Pakistan heavily and secretly motivating China to attack India as well. As is clear by the fact that then United States President Richard Nixon Said to Chinese: “Scare Those Goddamn Indians To Death”.

You know we cannot accept that Pakistanis were able to build Nuclear Bomb without the help of the United States and its allies in just three weeks after Indians. And it is clear from the actions of United States that, it is still giving millions of dollars to enhance Temporary Nation Pakistan’s F-16s. So,They should know Indians are not bunch of fools except some( those who judge countries by their words not actions). Preaching India for Human Rights the west chose Millitary Dictatorship as its ally, as said by Foreign Minister Of India, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

But, I will not ignore the fact that definitely, United Nations has contributed significantly to Globalization except Security, but it does not hide its failures and shortcomings Which is just promoting one perspective which is of the United States and its allies and completely ignoring the other. If this attitude continues, I will not be surprised if the United Nations gets dissolved someday.


So, We can conclude that when Multilateral Intitutions. Whose foundations are diversity in opinions, perspectives and Interests, start to reflect upon just one perspective and interest, it no longer remains multilateral. And such institutions do not contribute to peace and security of the normal people. When some bunch of militarily and economically powerful countries start to impose their perspectives and interests on multilateral Institutions like United Nations and G-20, it is bound to get less effective in its purposes. Like: United Nations Designated Terrorists Wander Freely.

As, is clear from the fact that the institutions which were meant to be focused on Economical Interests like G-20 are forced to reflect upon the interests of some powerful countries. And, Unable to stop any major war and crisis shows that these multilateral institutions’s meetings are now just like some news channel debates, which do not solve anything.

These Institutions are forcing countries like India to strongly condemn the war in Ukraine but they themselves were not able to stop the war by condemning it. Words do not matter, Its the actions that determine the future, but for their agenda they are forcing India to cut out its ties with Moscow, which itself is Undemocratic. Thus, We can finally say that Developed Countries drag the Developing Countries into their Wars, so one should not expect United Nations to do justice.

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